Avoid roof problems: Insulation and ventilation

How to keep your roof healthy?

Insufficient attic insulation and ventilation is the main cause of ice damming. If the attic gets too warm during winter time, the heat passes through the roof and causes standing water problems and ice dams. Most people don’t know that attic temperatures shouldn’t be more than a few degrees warmer than the outside temperature.

A roofer repairs residential roofAnother thing that can affect your roof is moisture. When hot meets cold, condensation occurs. This usually happens inside your attic insulation layer, since the insulation is the barrier between cold and hot temperatures. Moisture can destroy your roof insulation and make it wear out prematurely. In order to avoid this, homeowners must ensure a proper ventilation system that carries the moisture away from between the attic and the roof. Make sure you hire a reputable roofing contractor in Brooklyn, NY to install a proper ventilation system.

To protect your roof and attic from condensation and heat, check to make sure your ridge vents and soffit intake vents are not blocked. A soffit is the underside of a part of a building (such as overhang, beam or arch). Vents are usually located there because it is a perfect place from which to draw cool air into the attic. The problem with these vents is that they get clogged pretty often, so in order to make sure your attic receives proper ventilation, clean the vents regularly.

Everyone knows that warm air rises naturally. During winter time, when your home is warm, the warm air will try to escape through the ridge vent located at the highest point in the roof. When this happens, the warm air is replaced with cold air from outside, which will enter your attic through the soffit vents. This basic air circulation pattern must operate continuously in order to keep your roof and attic from getting too hot. If one of the vents is blocked, the air flow will not take place, thus causing moisture to appear.

If the vents currently installed in your attic and soffit are not keeping up with the amount of warm air that reaches your attic, consider installing an additional fan. You will find many roofing contractors in Brooklyn, NY that provide fan installations, and the prices for fans and labor are highly affordable.

Another important component of a healthy roof is proper attic insulation. Considering the fact that your insulation was installed by a reliable roofing contractor, your mission from now on is to keep it ventilated. As we mentioned above, you actually want the unused part of your attic to be cold during the winter. Many homeowners try to keep their attics warm, as a way to save money on energy, but this is actually counter-productive.

The easiest way to understand if your insulation is in good condition and your vents are working properly, is to look at your roof during cold weather. If the snow that covers your roof stays for more than a couple of days, it means your insulation is good and the vents are working. If the snow melts quickly on certain parts of your roof, it means you lack proper insulation in those spots.

It is good to inspect your roof before the winter season starts otherwise, if problems are found, it will be harder to fix them. That is why you need the assistance of Roman Ray Roofing. They operate in Brooklyn, NY and all surrounding areas, and they are experts in fixing roof problems. Call them now at (917) 295-4543 and find out more about their services.

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