How to Patch and Repair Siding

Siding Repair Tips from an Experienced Local Handyman

The siding of your home, no matter how durable, is will inevitably suffer some damage during the life of the house. Whether you’ve got shingles, clap boards, fiber cement, or vinyl siding, it is going to change in time. Today, the aim of our blog is to help homeowners to remove the problematic piece of siding and replace it with another one, without doing damage to the surrounding siding or even the paint finish on that siding.

Man caulking sidingWith a few simple tools and about 15 minutes to 45 minutes, you can replace a piece of siding. There are couple of approaches that you can take up when it comes to siding repair:

You can do the repair like a temporary patch if the damage happens during the winter when the weather does not allow you to spend a lot of time working outdoors. This patch will survive until the spring when you can remove the entire panel. This is a quick and easy solution. You can dab color on it later if the replacement piece is not matching the original color.
Pull the old panel out and replace it with a whole new piece of siding. Use an all purpose compound to spread over the piece in the areas where it does not fit.

Cut out the damaged piece of siding, leaving a space 2 inches shorter than the replacement piece. This way, you will be able to stick a patch which will be really hard to notice, especially if it matches the original color of your siding.

However, if you are looking for a quality repair job and there is no place for mistakes, you can count on the expert siding repair which Roman Ray Roofing provides. In order to hire one of our handymen working around Brooklyn, NY, you can contact our customer care department at (917) 295-4543!

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